Thursday, July 25, 2024

Double deposit and sanghoki Stud winners!




With the Caribbean Stud sanghoki still sitting up in the heights above $50,000, plenty of players are stepping up to take a shot. Miklosik managed to pick up 10% of the pot with a straight flush, winning a total of $5546.37. A fantastic result, and a reasonable expectation to win – we’ve had a fairly regular event of 10% winners taking down thousands over the past months.

We’ve also started making our players into winners in January without even hitting the tables! As part of our January bonuses, we’re doubling the deposits of ten players every day of the month, and here are the lucky winners for today.

Wrapping up Christmas presents

We’re packing up and shipping out all the prizes won by our players during the Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Over two thousand players will be receiving prizes, with many picking up two, three and even four!

Two of our players, FrederickHendrick and Royal187, managed to score eleven prizes each, including the laptop computer and LCD monitor. We didn’t have any players picking up a $12,500 tournament package this time, but satellites are being run daily for players to have a shot at entering the World Series. Speaking of satellites – hundreds of players have now picked up coupons to enter $2 and $60 tournaments, so check your account to make use of your coupon!

Other players managed to snag a Wii console or an iPod Nano – the Wii is great for a break away from the tables, but the iPod might be just what some of our players need to keep focus at live events.

Over the month we’ve given away thousands in cash, prizes and tournament entries, and a huge percentage of our player base came, saw, and conquered just by using their normal play strategy during December. All in all, a very fun and festive holiday for everyone at CarbonPoker!

Choose Your Own Seat $12,500 winner!

Our schedule is pumping right now. It’s after Christmas, early January – most people are content to relax and have a nice quiet start to the New Year…but not those in the world of poker!

We’re pretty excited about all the upcoming live events this year, including the Aussie Millions over the next few weeks, and the upcoming 2008 World Series of Poker. In fact, there’s no better way to kick off the year than award a free $12,500 seat to one of our players.

Throughout December, new players were invited to make an initial deposit, and those who qualified were then entered into the Choose Your Own Seat freeroll, with the winner-takes-all prize being a seat of their choosing to any major buy-in event in the world. The CYOS tournament had 102 players, and only one was to emerge victorious.

Heads-up play started just before the four hour mark, with HMurmeli and Josekk beginning their battle. 20 hands later, the winner was decided.

With blinds at 2000/4000, Josekk raised to 6000 with K7 and HMurmeli called with QT. The flop was the breaking point, as both players flopped a pair, and both went all in. Josekk’s pair of Kings held up against HMurmeli’s Queens, and Josekk found himself winning the grand prize of a $12,500 tournament package for just one initial deposit!

Not too shabby for a 21 year old university student. Josekk can now choose his destination worldwide, and we will keep you posted about his progress, along with many of our other live seat winners, as 2008 continues.

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