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slot online Turns into the Maverick Santa


The world’s largest amateur slot online tour – The Small Town Poker Tour, plans tours in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia. This Tour is unique in many aspects, as in focusing on exotic locations and donating all proceeds from the tour to local charities. How noble! Altruistic, indeed. An apt message for the good- hearted Americans, who do not get the time or shore up their money for noble causes like these. Not only this, it manages to bring in hoardes of people waiting to try their hand at the Texas Hold’em . Very fresh, Very new. Bringing smiles to all those people, who had always wanted to try their hand at the game, and also those who have a tough time getting their 2 dollars per day. Also unique about this tour is the fact that only the finals is held at a casino, while the rest of the show is a tour of the world. Reports :

The show will add a new grassroots look to the world’s fastest growing card game, Texas Hold’em.

“Poker Tells” You How to Win

They say ” Actions speak louder than words “. I don’t know what other’s take on this might be, but Poker players & fans will nod their heads with fury. A “tell” which is nothing but a physical action of an opponent at the table, reveals a lot of his secrets. Their habits & body movements could be observed to lead you to an insight about their methodologies. The better you are in discerning their playing patterns, the higher are your chances to eat up the pot. It’s a whole new art out there and you would certainly value a few giveaways the Poker players might mistakenly indulge in, or you could be aware, if one of those smart ones, threw red- herrings. Gear up to do some people watching next time you sit at the table, armed with these ground-breaking insights, found at reports :

Everyone has their own unique tics and tells, and it is great to watch individuals and pick up on their unique tells. Luckily, there are also a few involuntary and common tells that you can watch for, even the first time you sit down with some one.

All Play And A little Work – Makes You Rich!

Poker can fetch you millions. But the catch here, my dear, is that you need to know how to play the game, to master the art, slowly & gainfully. It needn’t be as intimidating as most might assume it to be. Well, like everything else, it starts with getting the fundamentals right. Knowing the game by theory atleast, can get you somewhere close to the table. A resourceful article at, is an excellent primer for the beginners, eager to learn the game. It tries to enumerate the game in four distinct steps. Explained in a very conversational tone, I am sure it is a good read even for those who are mildly curious about Poker. This should be able to plunge the adventurous types directly into the frenzied, and highly popular game of Poker. says :

If you are new to Poker, hearing “big blind” ming bring to mind a large guy who can’t see, and “call” is something you do with a phone. This easy guide will help you get upto speed and into the action