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keluaran hk Poker Will Crown a Player as King

Starting this week, players have a chance to earn a new title: King.

keluaran hk Poker, a network that accepts US players, announced that they will crown someone King of the Felt every week starting now. Along with this title, any player crowned King will be awarded a $1,000 prize and the chance for a $12,000 WSOP Main Event prize package.

Becoming king requires a combination of luck and skill. Every Monday, Bodog holds a random draw to choose a winner for the week. Whoever wins gets to play in a heads-up match against the current reigning king. If you overthrow the king and capture the throne, you get $1,000 credited to your account.

If you keep your title as king for five weeks, you earn an awesome $2,500 bonus cash. If you manage to hold on to the crown for ten weeks, you get to play heads-up against a Bodog pro. Defeat him, and you win a $12,000 Main Event prize package to represent Bodog at the World Series of Poker.

In order to be eligible for the random draw to challenge the king, you must finish in the money in at least three Sit & Go’s that week. If you finish in 6-8 SnG’s, you double your odds with two tickets for the draw, plus entry to a weekly $1,000 freeroll. Get paid out in 9 or more and you get three draw tickets, entry to the $1K freeroll, and entry to a $500 freeroll. You can only qualify through SnG’s that have six players or more. Heads-up, Beginner, and Double Up matches do not count towards this promotion. You will be notified by email if you win, and the king matchups happen at 8:35 ET on Thursdays.

This is a great promotion that awards thousands of dollars just for playing Sit & Go’s, plus the bragging rights you earn with the title of King. If you want your shot at the crown, check out our page on Bodog Poker to join the site today. Poker Tracker just added Bodog support, so with this promotion, now is a better time than ever to start an account.

Tom Dwan’s “durrrr Challenge” is Back On

Action is heating up on Full Tilt’s high stakes poker tables as one of the most exciting matchups has resumed. After over a month without a single hand, the durrrr challenge is back on.

Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan played 1,184 hands of Pot Limit Omaha today to reignite one of the most watched poker games on the internet. This time, Antonius came out ahead with a $340,437 win in their five hour session. However, he has a lot of losses to make up for, with under 13,000 hands left to win over $1.4 million. Now that the series has resumed, players have been speculating over who will be next to take the challenge.

A large chunk of Antonius’ lead came from the largest pot of the night, worth a massive $205,595. He was ahead for the entire hand with his As Ad Kc Qc, and went all in when another ace came on the turn to give him a set against Dwan’s two pair, aces and jacks. With nine other hands worth over $100,000, the game was full of action.

At this point in the challenge, every hand matters. The series is 75% complete after 18 months of play, and Dwan holds a firm $1,468,655 lead. If he is still ahead at the end of the 50,000th hand, Antonius will have to pay him $500,000. But if he loses, it will cost him $1.5 million and the shame of defeat.

Rumors have been spreading that Brian Townsend will be the next player to take on the durrrr Challenge, but Dwan wrote on the 2+2 poker forum that Townsend will not be his next opponent. Meanwhile, Full Tilt’s web site claims that Phil Ivey and David Benyamine will accept the challenge next. Regardless of who sits against Dwan, it is sure to be another exciting match.

With the durrrr Challenge up and running again, Full Tilt Poker continues to be one of the best places to watch high stakes poker online.