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On-game Poker-Room Leaderboard – July 31st/July Winner


We are at the very end of the road in July, as tomorrow a new month begins, with new names emerging as forces in the Ongame Leaderboard. This month has been positively exciting, with p3rc4 dominating the month, but showing signs of weakness last week. The Ongame Leaderboard was extremely stable in the Spring, with finnrene winning it all three months, and utterly dominating the Top 10. However, since June kicked off, the leaderboard has been incredibly unstable, with instability becoming the name of the game since then. So could p3rc4 bring back a semblance of stability to the Top 10? Before we answer that question, let’s check out where we stood last week at this time.

  1. p3rc4 13885
  2. Chick91 13151
  3. cessy12 12721
  4. Jukka S.11150
  5. ToMontana8 10649
  6. tons26 10361
  7. rhumagricole 9296
  8. kyfran91 9011
  9. Griff94 8978
  10. Nase66 x 8433

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1 cessy12 15157

2 Chick91 15143

3 p3rc4 14377

4 Jukka S. 13510

5 tons26 13074

6 ToMontana8 12785

7 rhumagricole 12368

8 kyfran91 12139

9 inio78 11094

10 GUANCHES 10100

And instability continues on the Ongame Leaderboard. P3rc4 did close to nothing in the last week, falling down to 3rd place, and opening the way for cessy12, who had a solid week en route to taking down the leaderboard this month. All in all, a disappointing effort from p3rc4 who looked like he was going to run away with it halfway through July, and then just sputtered through the last two weeks of the month. Whether or not he’ll show up in August remains to be seen, but definitely a disappointing in July’s homestretch.

On the other hand, cessy12 deserves a round of applause for overcoming the massive lead that p3rc4 had gained, and taking down the tough Ongame Leaderboard. Chick91 should also be commended, for amassing a solid 15,143 points, and falling just short of cessy12, by only 14 points! It looks like these two players are here to stay, and are ready to make a lasting impression upon the Ongame Leaderboard. Jukka S. looks like they’re going to fall in the same category, as they stick around in 4th yet again this week, and have made a good impression this month.

Tons26 and ToMontana8 flip flop this week, switching 5th and 6th place, with Tons26 getting the better end of the deal. Look for both of these players to show up again in August, with ToMontana8 having the better chances of making a run at first, as he’s had some Top 10 experience before.

Rhumagricole and KyFran91 are staying still this week, sticking to 7th and 8th place.

Rounding out the Ongame Leaderboard in July are inio78 and GUANCHES, coming in at 9th and 10th respectively. They’ve sent Griff94 and Nase66 x packing at the very end of the month as well.

That is all for this month’s coverage of the Ongame Leaderboard. Congratulations to cessy12 on an admirable performance, and be sure to check back next week as we kick off the action in August.