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Voted Off The Island | Justin Bieber

Do we really need to say more? He looks like your penis- with a wig. He’s every snot nosed, rich kid you wanted to beat up in high school for no other reason than he just… deserved to be pummeled. Usually these types grow up to be cops. But back in them days they didn’t really have YouTube, or big time Hollywood brass types scouting Internet videos for snot nosed rich kids that can kinda, almost sing. I’m not sure I know which world is better. But I do know that I want to punch Justin Bieber. Hard. In the face. Really, really hard.

With that thought in mind, why don’t we relive one of the greatest moments in history? When you get bored with that, you can watch him get shot over and over and over instead. Better yet, take a minute and watch him lose a battle with a revolving door.

Feb 3, 2011 – Bieber Booed At Madison Square Garden – Is the beginning of the end near for Justin Bieber? The diminutive, well-coiffed Canadian pop star attended the big New York City premiere of his new 3D epic, Never Say Never, at Manhattan’s Regal E-Walk 13 theater… which, if we’re being completely honest with you, is not exactly the swankiest movie palace in town. For a man with as much star power and juice as Justin Bieber supposedly possesses, the film did not draw many A-Listers on opening night. Hip-hop impresarios Russell Simmons and L.A. Reid were there, as were Spike Lee, Deborah Norville and Stephen Baldwin, who, we might add, is also tight with Miley Cyrus, but the likes of Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Jasmine Villegas were nowhere to be found on the red carpet. However, the night only got worse for our boy Biebs.

According to dozens of Twitter feeds, Justin Bieber hit the New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden tonight and, when shown on in the in-house Jumbotron, was loudly booed by those in attendance. Popular NBA Twitter feed @offseasonblog reported that “Biebs is wearing a purple bow tie at the Knicks and got booed.”