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Wrestlelution IV Review – From J-Hawk’s Beak

I’m back! Well, not that I really went away since I’m Pro Wrestling Weekend virtually every week, but this is the first time I’ve written a legitimate review in close to six years. I will have to go back through some of the stuff I used to write on another site that will remain nameless (mostly because it resembles a ghost town right now) and try to archive it here.  But first, some original material.

Normally I make the hour or so drive to Cleveland for Pro Wrestling Ohio’s annual Wrestlelution event.  This year I couldn’t make the trip, but thanks to, Wrestlelution 4:  Overdrive became PWO’s first internet pay-per-view broadcast.  So, thirty bucks for a front row ticket, twenty bucks for gas, six bucks for parking, plus food and drink?  Or fifteen bucks to stay home and eat food I’d already bought.  I probably still would have preferred the former, but the latter ends up being a good deal.

Let’s review the show.

After the national anthem, we’re treated to a fantastic opening video package highlighting the key workers of the show.  That is followed by a band called Groove Pipe playing one of the Wrestlelution theme songs.  Eh, it’s time killer.

Normally I’d try to push the backstories of these matches, but honestly, we previewed the entire show for over an hour on July 31, 2011 so check out the archive for the preview.