Voted Off The Island | Justin Bieber

Do we really need to say more? He looks like your penis- with a wig. He’s every snot nosed, rich kid you wanted to beat up in high school for no other reason than he just… deserved to be pummeled. Usually these types grow up to be cops. But back in them days they didn’t really have YouTube, or big time Hollywood brass types scouting Internet […]

Voted Off The Island | Zak Bagans

In your mind, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Ashton Kutcher wish they were you. The Hiltons, The Kardashians, hell, even The Beatles all wish they could party with you. As you so placidly pose for every camera shot, we understand the trauma that comes with the territory of being so damn good lookin’. We empathize with you, for all the […]