FINAL TABLE Casino Malaysia

  I worked on applying the adjusted tournament strategy I have been considering at an Casino Malaysia game last night. It seemed to work very well for the early rounds – but also, I did feel I was somewhat lucky hitting hands as well. By the end of Level 3 I was the overall chip […]

Schoep, Dog at Center of Beloved Internet Photo, Dies at 20

One of the Internet’s most beloved animals has passed away. Schoep – a dog made famous when a touching picture of him and his owner, John Unger, went viral last summer – died Thursday at the age of 20. Photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson snapped the famous image of Unger lying in Lake Superior with his […]

Eva Mendes on First-Time Motherhood: It’s Exhausting!

  For the first time since becoming a first-time mother, Eva Mendes is speaking out in depth about the experience. The actress, who gave birth to a daughter named Esmeralda in mid-September, recently sat down with online publication The Violet Files and didn’t bring up the topic of her famous baby daddy, Ryan Gosling. Are […]

Horseshoes, slothoki bad beats, tequila

  By the end of the night I was half-drunk (maybe a little more) on tequila and playing the role of the house in a game of low-stakes blackjack in an effort to keep the people drunker than me from driving home. I had my $100 in winnings in my pocket and no fear of […]

먹튀검증사이트 SCOOP 2011 Events 1, 2, 3 Results

The poker landscape may have altered drastically since the last time PokerStars rolled out the tournament red carpet, but that hasn’t stopped them from presenting the very latest Spring Championship of Online Poker. Although U.S. players were noticeably absent, these first three events seem to indicate that the appetite for online poker grows unabated in […]

Your Skin and the Sun

  The skin has evolved to protect us from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. Sunscreens were first developed to prevent sunburns by blocking UVB; they allowed us to prolong our time in the sun, but that resulted in increased exposure to UVA. Modern sunscreens attempt to block the whole spectrum of UV light, so […]

We Are Not Under the 10 Commandments

Holy Vible

The Law of Moses (including the Ten Commandments) was written for the Jews (Israel) and was only to last until the time of Christ. In the Law of Moses, the blood of animals was required to atone for the sins of the people. These sacrifices were temporary. Now, we have the perfect sacrifice. God’s only […]

Wrestlelution IV Review – From J-Hawk’s Beak

I’m back! Well, not that I really went away since I’m Pro Wrestling Weekend virtually every week, but this is the first time I’ve written a legitimate review in close to six years. I will have to go back through some of the stuff I used to write on another site that will remain nameless (mostly because it resembles […]

Voted Off The Island: Bieber – Bagans – Fieri | Smartasses Magazine

We’re not sure how this Frosted Mini Wheat with sunglasses and overdone jewelry rose to anything close to the amount of fame that he has, but frankly, we’re too embarrassed that he hails from Smartasses Magazine’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio to care. If we Columbusites are going to be looked upon as ass-clowns, let us at least be cast as such for something valid… […]

Four Tips To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing for Playable Ads Html5

The most important and indispensable tool for success in affiliate programs is to have your own website. The first step in any affiliate marketing business is building a good website, credible and professional. Your website should be the rallying point of all your marketing efforts. Therefore, you must first build a website that is easy […]